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  • 2022
  • Amusement Parks
  • Asia Pacific
  • VinWonders

Dragon’s Spell is the first media-based interactive dark ride in Vietnam. The state-of-the-art media-based attraction takes guests through a medieval-inspired fantasy quest. As Knights, their mission consists of repelling the Dark World and rescue the king from the lair of the evil dragon. Guests board four-person carts and go through seven interactive and fully themed scenes.

Triotech’s in-house creative team developed the storyline, characters, environments, game play, queue line, pre-show and ride area. The attraction stands out for its full scenic theming enhanced with Triotech’s proprietary Illusio™ interactive projection mapping technology – a first in Vietnam. In one key scene, two formed Illusio™ walls bookend each side to create a unique continuous interactive experience for guests. Triotech also delivered all the show and control elements.

A complete special effects package including animatronics, fog, directional audio, wind, and special lighting effects, is designed to round out the adventure and thrill visitors from start to finish. It all adds up to an incredible immersive experience worthy of any Dragon Slayer.



Being involved from the beginning in such a major project allows us to design and deliver a complete attraction that optimizes immersion and interactivity. This allows us to focus on the guest experience on which we want to accept no compromise. In our philosophy, it is what should drive the attraction design.

Ernest Yale, Founder & CEO Triotech

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