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  • 2016-2017
  • Amusement Parks
  • Worldwide
  • Legoland Resorts

Custom-made for Merlin Entertainments, NINJAGO™ The Ride is the first interactive attraction in the world to require no hand-held control or device. We reinvented the interactive attraction experience with our proprietary Maestro™ hand gesture technology. This technology allows guests to interact with the content without holding a device.


Ninjago The Ride employs what might be the best installation of 3D imagery in an interactive ride to date.

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Maestro™ Hand Gesture

This technology revolutionizes interactive dark rides by allowing guests to interact with the story without holding a device in their hand. It is intuitive and adaptive to the player’s style and can be used with one hand or two. Software detects where the guest is aiming and translates the motion into a moving projectile on screen. Each player is assigned his/her own color and receives instant feedback by seeing the impact of his/her projectile on screen.

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Combining interactivity and projection mapping, illusio™ technology creates the illusion that objects are lifelike, and produces a seamless blend between physical and projected decor. It creates smooth transitions between scenes and simplifies the renewal process in that the projected theming can be easily changed while the physical décor remains the same.

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Interactive Dark Rides systems

Triotech is the leader in customizable media-based interactive dark ride systems. Our creativity and technology have been recognized by a Brass Ring Award for Best New Product as well as IAAPA’s prestigious Impact Award.

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This technology revolutionizes the interactive dark ride, as it allows guests to interact with the story without wielding a device.

“It’s a ride that virtually every member of the family can enjoy, and it has Triotech’s amazing Maestro hands-free technology. Also, it has high repeatability. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll want to ride again to get a better score than your family members.”

David Brady, Senior Public Relations Manager, Legoland Florida.

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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