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Discover Triotech’s new White Paper: How to come out of the pandemic more effective and efficient than ever before

Like all businesses, the visitor attraction sector was seriously affected by the ravages of the pandemic. As we all know by now, the crisis led to forced closings, suspended projects, massive layoffs and financial losses that are staggering by any measure.

Today, thankfully, the tides are turning. The vaccines are being administered, parks and attractions are opening up, developers are starting to make plans for the future, and people are eager to get back to their lives. It seems we have turned a corner.

This White Paper is based on a livestream event held on Blooloop by nWave Production and Triotech on March 25, 2021, entitled “Stimulating the visitor attraction sector in a post-covid context”.

It compiles the thoughts, insights and best practices gleamed from a panel of experts to help industry professionals initiate a successful re-opening post covid.

Download our white paper and learn more on the effects of the pandemic and the actionable steps you can take to position yourself for success!

White Paper How to come out of the pandemic more effective and efficient than ever before

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