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Montréal, March 3 2021 – TRIOTECH is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Louise Murray as Chairperson of the Company’s Board of Directors. Mrs. Murray joins TRIOTECH at a time when the company is emerging remarkably from the challenges brought upon the industry by the worldwide pandemic. Louise Murray has a depth of experience in the entertainment, hospitality, media, and sports industry having held key positions at top-tier global innovative organizations such as Disney, Cirque du Soleil, TD Garden, and most recently, as President of the Los Angeles studio for Thinkwell.

“Louise Murray brings a wealth of experience directly related to our industry and she is known for her drive and can-do attitude. These qualities are intrinsic to TRIOTECH’s DNA and as such, we are extremely pleased that she accepted to join our board of director as Chairperson,” said Ernest Yale, the Company’s Founder, CEO, and President. He added: “I am sure Louise will make a significant contribution to TRIOTECH’s future success.”

“I am thrilled to be joining this team of passionate innovators that have achieved so much and are looking to the future with optimism in their mission to entertain people the world over”, stated Louise Murray.  She added: “Presiding over such a distinguished and accomplished Board is a true privilege.”

Louise, aka Lou, is a strategic change-maker who inspires action by leveraging transformative leadership and business process innovation resulting in sustainable revenue growth. Her journey has established her as a builder who intuitively sees the threads of opportunity present in organizations and environments, connects the pieces and stakeholders, and brings them together to ultimately create an exceptional guest experience and create value.  Her appointment is effective immediately.

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