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Triotech and BoldMove introduce Smash & Reload Maxi to complete award-winning media dark ride family

Following the successful launch at Le PAL (France), Triotech and BoldMove now introduce Smash & Reload Maxi, a new format of this award-winning media dark ride family. The ride blends digital and physical elements into an immersive experience that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. At IAAPA Orlando, Smash & Reload was recognized as Best New Product by the prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring Awards.

Harnessing the proven gameplay and immersive experiences of its smaller counterparts, Smash & Reload Maxi takes the attraction to the next level with a robust throughput of 600 people per hour—making it the ultimate choice for medium-sized and larger parks. All Smash & Reload formats can fit into an existing building. The media can be updated even after installation with personalized messages and Easter eggs. The player is at the centre of this ride with adapted gameplay to their skill levels and high scoring to ensure repeatability.
The arrival of Smash & Reload Maxi coincides with the launch of an additional new IP that redefines the boundaries of user gameplay. This second IP, Voodoo Festival, takes the experience one step further. Artificial Intelligence has been incorporated into the gameplay to create a surprising experience, even for the most accustomed player.

In this newly launched IP, mysterious magic has brought voodoo dolls back to life. Players are the last line of defense to save the Mardi Gras festival from their total takeover. They have to fling their Good Luck bags to break the curse and save the day. While based on a totally proven gameplay, the new IP is featuring an adaptability never seen before! The family ride can, at the flip of a switch, turn into a scarier experience and will be a favourite for evening operations and Halloween events. Moreover, it will be able to accommodate limited time content modifications to provide a VIP experience for seasonal and corporate events, family and birthday parties.

An award-winning interactive dark ride family

The Smash & Reload family now includes three versions. The Maxi, the Original, and the Mini.
The just released Smash & Reload Maxi, with a throughput of 600. The Smash& Reload Original combining a compact space of barely 225m2 with an impressive throughput of 430 people per hour. Notably the first Smash & Reload Original ‘Champi’Folies’ which opened last spring at Le PAL park received several accolades, including the European Star Award, Parkscout Plus Award for Best Family Attraction, and IAAPA Brass Ring Awards.
Finally the Smash & Reload Mini, probably the smallest track-based dark rides on the market, creates the ultimate FEC landmark at leisure and retail venues. Featuring a modest footprint of around 144 square meters and a visually striking circular setup, this attraction is bound to become the magnet that will draw crowds to indoor areas.

Unique family attraction with live gaming experience

Using proven modules and technologies, each Smash & Reload attraction is unique for every venue. It can be very easily integrated into the park’s infrastructure and appeals to all ages with its fun and intuitive gameplay. The ride experience can be upgraded with an interactive walkthrough that extends the adventure and deepens immersion in the IP universe, transitioning the queue line into a captivating pre-show. The attraction can be completed with an F&B and a themed shop with extensive merchandising, together offering a substantial extra revenue.

All ride elements are designed and orchestrated by one central team that supervises the development and installation process, which is fully aligned with the park’s technical team and local subcontractors. This guarantees a smooth communication and tight budget control, resulting in a high-quality attraction with live gaming experience that stands out from any standardized offering.

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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