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Dynamic Explorer Attraction Delivers Immersive Edutainment Experience

Triotech creates a wave of excitement as its Dynamic Explorer attraction debuts at the Malta National Aquarium. This immersive attraction creates a unique underwater odyssey, seamlessly blending state-of-the-art technology with special effects for an unforgettable experience.

The attraction, which the Aquarium calls “The Deep Explorer” takes guests of all ages on an immersive and educational journey to explore the undersea world. Groups of up to 20 visitors embark on a simulated descent into the abyss until an unforeseen encounter with a giant squid disrupts the expedition. This unexpected twist adds a layer of immersion, fostering a profound connection with the awe-inspiring wonders of the ocean.

“This cutting-edge attraction aligns seamlessly with our mission to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation for marine life. The collaboration with Triotech has resulted in an immersive journey that goes beyond entertainment, offering our visitors an enriching experience that fosters awareness and respect for the wonders of the ocean. We are excited to provide a unique and educational adventure for our guests.” stated Mark Pace, Director Sales and Marketing at Malta National Aquarium.

“The Deep Explorer at the Malta National Aquarium is more than an attraction. We’re fostering a transformation in the realm of edutainment” added Gabi Salabi, Managing Director, Projects at Triotech. “The guests’ journey is one of emotion, edutainment, and surprise. It’s a testament to Triotech’s relentless pursuit of redefining what’s possible in the world of immersive experiences.”

The attraction’s detailed theming, combined with the motion system and special effects such as smoke, strobe lights, trap doors, and dynamic lighting, create an authentic and engaging experience.

Triotech’s commitment to blending entertainment with education is evident in The Deep Explorer, making it a thrilling yet informative adventure for visitors.

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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