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Double Walkthrough Hive Break scores in Best New Product Category

Triotech is proud to announce that Hive Break, its double walkthrough experience has been recognized by the IAAPA Brass Ring Awards. The attraction, recently installed at OCT Fabland Valley Resort in China, was rewarded for “Best New Product Major Ride/Attraction second place” in the $2 to $5 million category.

Hive Break is a thrilling double walkthrough experience covering more than 1,000 sq meters. This 12-minute, highly immersive and interactive attraction features two parallel pathways with intertwining narratives. Each path consists of three unique zones: a Motion Simulator, a Training Facility (Interactive Projection Mapping), and an Interactive attraction.

“We’re honoured to have been recognized by the Brass Ring Awards”, stated Ernest Yale, CEO & Founder of Triotech. He added “It is always humbling and motivating to receive recognition from our industry. This drives us to continue developing breakthrough attractions.”

This double walkthrough attraction features two different narratives depending on the path guests choose in the queue line. Triotech designed, developed, and manufactured each component of this multisensory attraction, including using its proprietary Illusio™ interactive projection mapping. The interactive custom media content has been entirely created by Triotech’s own studio in Montreal on the UNREAL™ game engine.

The experience in each unique zone is chosen to fit into the storyline. Therefore, parks can choose different attractions for each zone depending on their IP and storytelling needs. It is an experience offering thrilling custom visuals, exciting gameplay, and an engaging story. This makes the walkthrough customizable to the story. Each zone is connected to the other through themed corridors, so that the attraction can easily be adapted to the allocated space and configuration.

The company is showcasing its attractions, including the Hyper Ride, awarded IAAPA Brass Ring Award Best New Product in 2021, in booth 5424.


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