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QUBE™ is an attendant-free interactive game for 4 players

Triotech revealed its new QUBE™ simulator, a premium interactive multiplayer coin-op game at IAAPA EXPO in Orlando, FL.
This attendant free 4-player simulator requires low footprint and provides high immersion and friendly competition between players.

“Qube™ was born from the idea of disrupting the deluxe coin-op video game world by combining the robustness and reliability expected from a coin operated product with an unparalleled sense of immersion”, declared Ernest Yale, CEO & Founder of Triotech. He added: “Key to the Qube™’s success is the fact that we worked closely with customers and distributors during the development and testing phase. The product was designed through close collaboration with distributors and operators of FECs and Arcades. This helped balance excellent game-play, look, and appeal with other important operator benefits such as durability and ease of maintenance.”

The QUBE™ features a 100” 4k projected display, 4 motion seats, wind, blasters, 5.1 surround sound system, and a full library of content powered by the Unreal game engine. Triotech inspired itself from its well-known award-winning XD Dark Ride interactive theater to develop a new game that is affordable to every Arcade and Family Entertainment Center. By making it attendant-free and fitting it in a much smaller footprint, QUBE™ redefines the category of coin-op simulator rides that provides high immersion and friendly competition.

Triotech has committed to develop a full library of content over the next years as the company has done for its other perennial top earners like the Typhoon coin-op video game, interactive coin-op VR simulator Storm™, and its award-winning XD Dark Ride interactive theater.

Meet Triotech during IAAPA Expo in Orlando from November 15 to 18 to try this new new product on the show floor at Booth 5818.

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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