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Triotech pulls out all the creative stops in aquarium-themed attraction.

When Kuvera Partners approached Triotech with a vision to create an unparalleled experience for their Aquarium at the Boardwalk, they knew whatever they came up with would have to reach new heights of creativity. Or in this case, new depths to cater to the exciting underwater theme of the attraction.

Because the park was already in full development, the task meant every decision would have to carefully consider the allocated space and most importantly, the overall visitor experience that Kuvera partners were intent on delivering.

A unique journey.

Kuvera approaches Triotech to develop an “entry” experience. Triotech’s creative team proposed a version of its immersive XD Theater with a custom movie, written, directed, and conceived by Triotech, in close collaboration with the Kuvera team. The story is centered around two memorable characters: Aquarius the ctopus and Finn, a pufferfish. Kuvera Partners overarching vision was to have these two characters become the main guides for the entire aquarium experience.

Customized film aquarium characters

Triotech understood that their contribution had to be more than a standalone experience, it had to blend into the overall narrative.

“In terms of the scope of the project’s services, it is larger than our regular range of project services, as we created the entire story line and memorable thematic characters.”
Anthony Vrakotas, Creative Director at Triotech

In a sense, Kuvera partners’ goal was to create their own IP that they could then use to market/brand the attraction throughout the site and in their promotional materials and social media. With a wealth of experience in Intellectual Property including Fear the Walking Dead, Lego NINJAGO The Ride and Ghostbusters 5D Interactive Dark Ride, Triotech had the experience to execute flawlessly.

themed immersive experience aquarium

Sign that goal was achieved, a giant octopus’s sculpture was added at top of the building, outside of the Aquarium, all made of metal and that can bee seen directly from the highway.

Aquarium immersive experience

A collaborative experience.

In addition to their highly creative products and peerless service, a good portion of Triotech’s success can be attributed to the company’s willingness to make the client a part of the entire development. In this case, the process was totally collaborative with back and forths between Triotech’s creative team and Kuvera Partners. Each step involved refining the development and bringing the team closer to making it a reality. For Triotech, the end goal was always to be at the service of the client’s vision.

An unforgettable adventure

Triotech designed an immersive, multi-sensory experience including a puffer-esque submarine that takes guests on a 5D ride with two XD dynamic theaters of 16 and 18 seats.

Tej Sundher, partner at Kuvera, elaborates: “We have a 3-minute custom film that starts off with you going on this ride, where you meet our two key characters, Aquarius and Finn, then you go on a journey. At the end of the journey, you come across the Observation Station, which is at the very bottom of the ocean.”

Immersive 5D Theater Aquarium

The tailor-made movie was created by Triotech in close collaboration with Kuvera Partners. The story is brought to life through full motion seats with different configurations that move in sync with the action on screen.

Nol Van Genuchten, VP Creation at Triotech adds,”Our clients (Kuvera Partners) wanted a full-fledged sense of experience, so we worked closely with their teams to create, write scripts and direct, and conceive customized films.”

A new style of aquarium

With Triotech’s XD theatres, Aquarium at the Boardwalk is an unparalleled themed attraction that delivers a unique sensory experience and goes a long way towards making visitors feel as if they’ve stepped inside a whole new world.

The Aquarium at the Boardwalk opened in November of 2020 and, by all accounts, has been overwhelmingly successful.


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