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How to entertain your guests in a 360° immersion attraction with a motion simulator inside a cabin ?

Triotech’s Dynamic Explorer is the perfect attraction for that. We designed a media-based attraction that will immerse your guests. They’ll be entertained in a cabin, having the impression to move up and down and will live an incredible and thrilling adventure. How is that possible? Discover Triotech’s media-based attraction simulator inside a cabin.

What is Dynamic Explorer attraction?

Our attraction is the only cabin offering an experience with a 360° immersion. The TV screens inside the cabins will give the visitors the impression of watching the outside environment through real glass windows. Specials effects and a robust pneumatic motion system reinforce the immersion to give the whole family an unforgettable experience.

What special effects are included in the motion simulator?

The motion cabin simulator offers a wide panel of special effects to make the attraction more realistic: false short circuits, automatic ceiling hatches dropping, vibration and side impacts, light, smoke and water drops to name a few. The motion simulator will give the feeling to move up and down. For example, that the cabin goes down into the abyss or up in the space.
No 3D or VR glasses is required and the attraction fits for the whole family as 20 people can stand in the cabin at the same time.

Is the cabin customizable to fit any theming environment?

The advantage of Triotech’s media-based attraction is that the media call be fully customized to your needs depending on your thematic: underwater immersion, journey in the age of dinosaurs, space adventure or even a cartoon universe.
Moreover the cabin can be themed as well as the corridors that leads visitors to the attraction cabin.
So the same cabin could offer different experiences based on the customization, theming of the attraction and the media-based content.
Triotech offers Abyssal Descender as content, but we propose also to develop custom content in our in-house studio.

Is this motion simulator designed only for theme parks?

Our Dynamic Explorer motion cabin simulator is an attraction that fit in a large range of places, from Family Entertainment centers (FEC) to malls and shopping centers, amusement and theme parks, museums, as well as aquariums or zoos.

There is no limit, contact us to learn more!


Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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