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  • 2018
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Worldwide
  • IP2 Entertainment

National Geographic has partnered with IP2 Entertainment to create several indoor, interactive exploration centers. This new generation of FEC plunge visitors into several environments and gives them a mission to explore, helping or solve the planet’s mysteries and challenges.

Ocean Endavour, featuring the Dynamic Explorer, is an immersive entertainment and learning experience like no other. This family-oriented indoor attraction embarks visitors on a deep-sea exploration and results in a mix of Exploration, Education and Entertainment. Exploration center leverages National Geographic’s 130-year legacy to teach guests about animals, science and exploration. By blending technology, realistic sets and award-winning content, visitors go on an eye-opening deep-sea dive where they’re treated to a close-up look at fragile coral reefs, curious Orcas, and some of the most incredible underwater light shows on Earth.

Wild River Recon, featuring the VR Raft simulators, is the second attraction we developped for National Geographic Centers. Visitors embark on a rafting adventure and take virtual pictures to learn more about species.


National Geographic-branded entertainment centers provide parents and their children with a fun and interactive way to learn about animals, science and exploration by engaging with our award-winning content.

Andy Reif, Executive VP National Geographic Partners

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