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  • 2021
  • Museums / Science Centers
  • Europe

In 2021, attraction management and the Lorient Agglomeration enlisted Triotech European Division to modernize the existing 4D theater showcasing a movie that recreates the feeling of being on board an offshore race boat. Operators wanted this project to be a centerpiece of the attraction, so it would have to encapsulate everything the museum was about and deliver an unforgettable journey for all ages.

The creative team came up with the brilliant idea of having visitors stand up on dynamic platforms as opposed to sitting which requires large chairs and takes up more space. This one decision increased the room’s capacity by 67% from 12 to 20 seats which, in turn, reduced wait times during busy hours.

SuperFly is part simulator, part flying theatre, the attraction is comprised of ten platforms that can accommodate two people each. The creative team built the 4D ride on stands like a movie theatre so everyone has a perfect view of the screen. Each platform was even designed with a small step so kids can enjoy the special effects that are integrated into the support bars just like the adults do. There are even two extra spaces for wheelchairs that deliver no movement (for security reasons), but still provide all the same great effects. Triotech even built in the modular flexibility needed to increase the visitor count to 24 in the future, and also gave operators the luxury of introducing new films, at their discretion, to encourage repeat visits to the attraction.


The positive attitude, responsiveness and exceptional skills of Triotech’s team really stood out for us throughout the entire development of the project and was much appreciated.

Jean-Marc Beaumier, Director of La Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly

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