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Hyper Ride and Storm™ recognized as Best New Concept and Best New Product for FECs

Triotech was recognized with not one, but two MENALAC Awards during the gala evening that took place March 29th in Dubai. The first award went to its VR interactive coin-op simulator STORM™ for Best New Product (FECs Category). The second award went to its innovative interactive attraction Hyper Ride for Best New Concept.

The MENALAC Awards 2022 are “the Oscars” of the Middle East Leisure & Entertainment industry that recognize excellence and achievements, setting benchmarking standards for the MENA Leisure & Attractions Industry.

“This is a great honour for Triotech and its passionate team of dedicated industry veterans”, said Ernest Yale, President and CEO of Triotech. Mr. Yale added: “To be recognized by peers is always a positive sign that we are creating attractions and rides that are fun, unique, and bring a strong ROI for operators. Of course, getting two awards in one day makes it even more special!”

Hyper Ride, winner of Best New Concept, is a first of its kind media-based attraction that delivers a dynamic, action-packed experience in a small footprint at a smart investment level. Hyper Ride also features a library of interactive content. These benefits make the attraction accessible to local amusement parks, Family Entertainment Centers, shopping malls, and other locations that usually cannot afford the type of dark ride attractions found in large theme parks.

Triotech announced the installation of a Hyper Ride in Niagara Falls, Canada during IAAPA Expo in Orlando where it also received the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product “Major Ride/Attraction” category.

Storm™, winner of Best New Product for FECs, is unique because it combines VR with interactivity, yet players do not hold any controllers in their hands. They interact by simply waving their hands. Integrated motion capture technology tracks the motion and translates it to game action. This eliminates the need for players to touch components or controls.

Each Storm™ features two competing players sitting side-by-side on motion seats as well as other special effects. The combination of different film contents and several difficulty levels incites players to play again and again as they compete to get the highest score.

Now installed in more than 200 arcades and FECs all over the world, the Storm™ generates high revenues for operators with some ROIs as short as 2 months. Easy to clean and operator-free, the Storm™ is an ideal solution for FECs.

“The Storm™ has been a standout performer for our operation since our opening. It ranks in the top 5 revenue earners at our location. Our players absolutely love the immersion, motion, and interaction. We see a lot of repeat play as our customers try a software, enjoy the experience, and repeat on a different software either on the same day or on their next visit. This is always a great sign for a great product.” reported Joseph Choueiri, Operations Manager at The Zone, Circle Mall Dubai.

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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