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Underlandet won Park World Excellence Award for Best Dark Ride or Media-Based Experience 2021

Triotech is excited to share that its European Division CL Corp. won the Park World Excellence Award for Best Dark Ride or Media-Based Experience 2021 for the “Underlandet” attraction at Liseberg together with industry leaders Gosetto, P&P Projects, and Lifeformations.

The Underlandet attraction already ranked European Star Award #1 Best New Rides 2021 in Europe bestowed by “Kirmes & Park International”.

CL Corp. delivered its “Dynamic Explorer” attraction which is the key element of the preshow. This immersive motion cabin takes visitors into a journey underground and immerses visitors into the magical world of Liseberg rabbits. It sets the mood and effectively begins the guest’s journey.

“We are very pleased to have participated in the Underlandet project at Liseberg. Those two awards are a great recognition for all the teams involved on that project. Our customized immersive experience was integrated into the preshow which brings guests into the universe of the attraction” stated Deborah Attal, Managing Director, Theme Parks Europe at Triotech – CL Corp. division. She added “Our ultimate goal was to create the illusion of moving down underground so that visitors are 100% immersed in the story from the first second in the experience.”

The Dynamic Explorer offers a fully customizable trip in total 360° immersion. Depending on the storyline, false short circuits, automatic ceiling hatches dropping, and more special effect can be added and combined to the media-based effects to enhance the immersion.

The Park World Excellence Awards (organised by the publisher of Park World magazine) is a leading scheme for the recognition of the very best operators from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), together with the outstanding manufacturers, suppliers and entertainment specialists that worked with them to bring 2021’s top experiences to life.

Link to download the high-resolution picture (Photo credit: Liseberg):

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