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Consumer confidence boosts attendance numbers as Attractions re-open

Triotech founder and CEO, Ernest Yale announced today that early results from some Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) and Parks re-opening are very encouraging for the industry. Triotech has several hundred attractions deployed across the world as well as thousands of coin-op products.

As countries, states, and provinces are re-opening, feedback from operators is crucial to gauge consumer confidence and behavior. Parks in Europe and Asia as well as FECs in the USA are just some examples of installations that have begun receiving guests once again as recovery plans are put in place.

“Early returns have been more than encouraging, we have seen numbers that are even up from the same dates last year, even as high as 60% over the year before!” stated Ernest Yale, Triotech’s Founder and CEO. The positive results are in the USA as well as Europe, and across FECs, stand-alone attractions, and amusement parks.

“The current crisis due to the pandemic is unprecedented. The entire industry, from operators to suppliers has been wondering what will be the consumer response to de-confinement, what will be the transition to the so-called new normal. Therefore, it is important to monitor the recovery”, added Mr. Yale.

One principal factor that could explain these positive results is the existence of a pent-up demand from consumers that are tired of confinement and want to go out and live experiences outside their homes. “These numbers are great news for everyone. We know in the long run our industry, out-of-home entertainment, will thrive. It’s a fundamental human need to go out and live experiences in groups, with friends, and have fun. So, we might have a recovery in phases, with its inherent challenges including implementing hygiene and physical distancing rules from the relevant local authorities, but I am confident in the future”, added Mr. Yale.

Why Triotech?

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