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Gabi Salabi, Chief Commercial Officer of Triotech, is pleased to announce the appointment of Harley Bostock as Managing Director, Asia Pacific region.

“Harley has been a key member of the sales leadership team at Triotech for the past four years. Harley’s industry knowledge, hard work and dedication have contributed to the growth of our business and client footprint all over Asia. I am excited about his added responsibility and promotion within Triotech”, said Gabi Salabi, Chief Commercial Officer of Triotech.

Harley Bostock joined Triotech in 2015 and has a strong experience in the entertainment industry, cumulating more than twenty years in waterparks attractions and location-based entertainment. In his career, Mr. Bostock lived over fifteen years in Asia. For this assignment, he will be based in Hong Kong from where he will head all operations for the Asia Pacific region.

“I am very pleased to take on the challenge of leading Triotech’s effort in such an important market as Asia-Pacific where we have several important clients”, commented Harley Bostock.

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