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Canadian Award-Winning Attraction Designer brings famous Red & Yellow characters to life.

TRIOTECH announces that it is developing two world premiere attractions for the Jeju Shinhwa World theme park being built in South Korea. These unique attractions will be based on TUBAn Entertainment’s Larva I.P. including its two iconic characters, Red and Yellow.

Triotech is responsible for two of the custom-designed anchor attractions headlining the theme park, an Interactive Dark Ride and a unique interactive Walkthrough. Both attractions star Red & Yellow Larva as leading characters guiding guests of all ages through interactive and immersive adventures.

“TRIOTECH is quickly establishing itself as a turnkey attraction designer who can work with iconic intellectual property. We are thrilled by this opportunity to develop and deploy two attractions in this very special place”, said Ernest Yale, President and CEO of TRIOTECH.

Mr. Rodney Johns, Project Director at Jeju Shinhwa World, explained, “…working with TUBAn has given us a unique I.P. that will differentiate us from other parks in Korea and across Asia.”

The interactive dark ride will feature fully-themed ride vehicles with Red and Yellow taking guests on a whirlwind tour to surprising and iconic sites. The second attraction is a walkthrough type experience where guests will be taken on a time-travelling journey featuring key moments in the history of both mankind and South Korea itself.

Larva is a computer-animated comedy television series produced by TUBAn Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea. The cartoon series features two larvae named Red and Yellow as its main characters. Larva was launched by TUBAn Entertainment in 2011 and appeals to a wide audience. The series quickly became popular, and was sold to more than 40 countries to date.

Both of these attractions will be part the Larva’s Adventure Village which is a key land of Jeju’s Shinhwa Theme park. Currently under construction, the park will bring guests on a journey into the realm of imagination. Totaling approximately 280,000 square meters, the Shinhwa Theme Park will comprise of 7 distinct and exciting zones, taking the visitor into the depths of incredible myth as well as exploration into the ancient stories of medieval times. The World’s greatest myths and histories will be brought to life through immersive environments, magical rides and attractions, cultural exhibits and exciting live performances.

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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