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On Twitter: New #zombies-themed interactive attraction @FearTWDSurvival by @triotech1 in #LasVegas! #FearTWD #ftwd

LAS VEGAS, August 31, 2017 – TRIOTECH, a Quebec-based company known for creating award-winning high-tech and interactive attractions, and AMC® rolled out the red carpet on Tuesday evening to inaugurate the Fear the Walking Dead Survival attraction in Las Vegas. Inspired by the famous AMC® series, this unique multisensory experience, developed and produced entirely in Quebec, is located in the heart of Fremont Street Experience. The world premiere brought together several stars of the television series and delighted the American media.

“Las Vegas is a tourist destination known for its amazing variety of entertainment. It is therefore the ideal place for a futuristic, immersive and interactive attraction,” said Ernest Yale, President and CEO of TRIOTECH. “Fear the Walking Dead Survival incorporates many of our technologies and is a first for us in terms of creativity and immersion, as well as a business model.”

TRIOTECH is expanding its business model by becoming a co-owner of this attraction, which it fully developed, scripted, manufactured and installed. Day-to-day management of the attraction has been entrusted to Fremont Street Experience.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival will appeal to thrill seekers and zombie enthusiasts by bringing people into the world of the TV series through an immersive journey that includes an escape game, a labyrinth, and an interactive ride.

This revolutionary attraction brings visitors a unique Fear the Walking Dead experience. They find themselves in a military facility located inside a junior college amidst growing rumors of a zombie invasion. Brave souls will have to explore the inner-workings of the military-controlled facility, which includes multiple zones and various experiences, to confront their fears and protect themselves against a horde of blood-thirsty zombies. They will need to test their survival skills and instincts in the hopes of getting back to the real world.

Fear the Walking Dead™ fans will immediately recognize many of the attraction’s features, but even those unfamiliar with the AMC® series will be mesmerized by the realistic and exciting atmosphere of the attraction. AMC®’s Fear the Walking Dead is the second most popular drama and fourth highest-rated show in any category on cable TV in 2017.

Positive reviews from the American media

The American media has given positive reviews to the Fear the Walking Dead Survival experience:

“Scary, fun, and immersive, Fear The Walking Dead Survival is the new must-see attraction in Las Vegas.” –

“The immersive experience suspends reality by transporting healthy humans to an apocalyptic world. The elaborate sets include a school gym that has been overtaken by the walking dead. Mazes along blood-stained walls, motion rides and video games add to the fun — and the fear.” – Los Angeles Times

“The newest experience at the Fremont Street Experience promises to jar your senses.” – KSNV News3 Las Vegas

Fear the Walking Dead Survival was unveiled to the Montreal media last April in a temporary facility, before heading to Las Vegas, where it is now installed permanently. The attraction has since undergone numerous modifications that have improved the experience for thrill seekers.

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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