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Re-invest and innovate

Fully themed attraction– A unique Factor

TRIOTECH’s partnership with Clifton Hill started in 2012 with an XD Motion Theater of 16 seats. Strong revenue, positive guest feedback, and wide demographic appeal have been drivers of the clients’ decision to re-invest and innovate in 2017, this time in an interactive technology with an XD Dark Ride 36 seats, the largest XD Dark Ride in North America. However, instead of offering a selection of several Triotech movies, they elected to focus on one single title: Zombies! This allowed HOCO to fully theme the attraction to that content.

Discover the success story of Clifton Hill, the largest XD Dark Ride in North America!

See how you could have a quick investment payback too!

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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