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The Flyer™ – San Francisco—the flying theater attraction at PIER 39—celebrated its grand opening on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at PIER 39 in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Created by award-winning global attraction developer Triotech in partnership with W.A. Alter, Inc. of San Francisco, The Flyer™ – San Francisco immerses guests of all ages, taking them soaring over the biggest attractions and iconic landmarks throughout the City and the surrounding Bay Area, with views that have never been seen before. Tickets for The Flyer™ – San Francisco are $25 for adults and $16 for children and are available now online at or on-site at PIER 39. The Flyer™ – San Francisco is open daily from 10 a.m.–10 p.m.

“After operating businesses at PIER 39 for many years, I am thrilled to share this unbeatable attraction that not only hosts the world’s best technology, but also highlights the many reasons to love San Francisco,” said John Alter, owner of The Flyer™ – San Francisco. “An experience of this caliber is right at home in PIER 39, our top destination for visitors and residents alike!”

As the City’s first attraction of this magnitude, The Flyer™ – San Francisco provides an experience that rivals that of the world’s best amusement parks, while also celebrating the unique character and charm of the Bay Area. The attraction features cinematic artistry and state-of-the-art HD film footage captured with the help of drones and helicopters, and blended with computer-generated imagery (CGI). Within the venue, just beyond the ticket counter sits a mural of the Bay, created by San Francisco based artist and illustrator Sirron Norris. Known for his extensive public art contributions, Norris was commissioned by The Flyer™ – San Francisco to create a large-scale artwork that embodied the eclectic spirit of the City that is featured in the main attraction.

“We are thrilled to open this unique attraction here in San Francisco. Being able to see the city and the Bay Area in ways that are not possible through any other means make The Flyer™ – San Francisco a must see attraction for visitors and locals alike,” said Ernest Yale, Founder, President and CEO of Triotech.

While embarking on The Flyer™ – San Francisco, guests will first be introduced to a few characters from the production through engaging projection mapping technology. Revealing a budding romance and a curious seagull (which also serves as the attraction’s mascot), whimsical vignettes will bounce across custom screens to set the scene for the ultimate experience. After the introduction is complete, guests will be ushered into the main theater where they will buckle up as the floors slip away and the 28 guests are suspended in front of the 1,100 square foot (50 foot by 22 foot) curved screen that fills their field of sight ensuring that each guest has the feeling of a front-row seat. In their motion-based seats, guests will take a immersive flight through some of the Bay Area’s iconic landmarks and neighborhoods, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Coit Tower, Marin Headlands, Chinatown, the Castro, and more!

“With our 15 million visitors a year, PIER 39 is proud to be the most visited attraction in San Francisco. It is the addition of new and wonderful experiences, such as The Flyer™ – San Francisco, that keep this property fresh, unique and fun,” said Taylor Safford, President and CEO of PIER 39.

Once guests return to solid ground, they will be invited to explore the one-of-a-kind merchandise in the gift shop, created in partnership with Wildlife Trading Company. Souvenir photos by Bay Cruise Photo will be available for purchase and to share via email and social media.

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