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Over 750 000 visitors experienced the dynamic flight simulator installed by Triotech’s CL Corp Division

Triotech, market leader in interactive attractions is delighted to underline the celebration of the 78th D-Day commemoration this month by announcing that the 4D dynamic flight simulator installed at the D-Day Experience Museum in Normandy passed the bar of 750,000 visitors since its installation.

Designed and installed by Triotech’s CL Corp division in 2015, this attraction is unlike anything else in the world. The flight simulator offers guests the opportunity to experience what it must have been like for the soldiers of the 101st Airborne as they flew to Normandy in June 1944. A unique element of the experience is that the attraction brings guests aboard an actual C-47 built in 1943. The creative team installed the aircraft on a pneumatic cylinder platform and separated the wings from the fuselage so that it could efficiently move in 3 dimensions. Enhanced with custom media content and special effects, the attraction effectively recreates the tumultuous flight over the English Channel and Normandy. Visitors discover a spectacular, completely immersive multisensory adventure that’s fun and educational for all ages.

“Over the years, we have developed a sterling reputation for the high quality of our customized attractions and our ability to create exciting ‘edutainment’ experiences for museums, tourist attractions, aquariums, and other location-based entertainment sites. This project, integrating a real airplane from WWII, was a complex technical challenge. We are proud of this edutainment experience that attracts visitors of all ages and makes them live history from a first-person point of view” reported Christophe Lucchini, Managing Director of Triotech’s CL Corp Division.

The D-Day Experience is located in Saint-Come-du-Mont, Normandy, and is spread out over more than 10,000 m². Interest in the museum increased exponentially since the installation of the Triotech CL Corp attraction, passing from a local museum welcoming 21 000 visitors per year to a must-see destination with 190 000 visitors per year.

“Meeting CL Corp was one of those moments that literally changed our business. Without them, we would never have added this exciting experience to our attractions, and we would not be where we are now. The immersive ride made all the difference in the world, because we went from being a small local museum to a must-see attraction. And the attendance figures speak for themselves.” stated Emmanuel Allain, Museum Manager D-Day Experience.

Today, the D-Day Experience features two museums, a giant 3D screen cinema, a memorial dedicated to airborne troops, a souvenir shop, a military antique shop, plus its piece de resistance : the 4D immersive flight simulator.

Triotech Division CL Corporation is located near Rennes in France with design, production, sales, installation, and maintenance teams.

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