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Après plusieurs mois de dur labeur, l’entreprise montréalaise TRIOTECH, chef de file de l’industrie des attractions multisensorielles, a le plaisir d’annoncer l’inauguration du manège Wonder Mountain’s Guardian au parc d’attractions Canada’s Wonderland.

Les visiteurs font l’expérience d’une aventure 3D agrémentée d’effets 4D et d’une composante d’interactivité dans cette attraction combinant des aspects d’Interactive Dark Ride et des montagnes russes.


“We are extremely proud to have designed and produced an interactive attraction that blends physical, virtual, and multi-sensorial elements for Canada’s Wonderland. This unique attraction is the result of the hard work of several dozen dedicated specialists at TRIOTECH, Canada’s Wonderland, and several other specialized firms. Guests of the theme park will experience new thrills and actively participate in the ride. Feedback has been exceptional over the opening week end with riders giving the attraction strong positive reviews”, stated Ernest Yale, President and CEO of TRIOTECH.

In Wonder Mountain’s Guardian guests ride through specially adapted vehicles and begin their journey outside the park’s iconic mountain. They are then transported under the mountain where they interact with mythical creatures while navigating through diverse environments such as a forest, underground lake, and city. The quest culminates when guests reach the dragon’s lair at the mountain’s core. For this unique attraction, TRIOTECH developed and installed the longest interactive wall ever integrated into a theme park attraction. The wall is 500 feet (152 meters) in length and 13 feet (4 meters) in height.