Best New Product
IAAPA Brass Ring

XD Dark Ride
Winner of a prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring Award
for Best New Product! Join the INTERACTIVE
revolution with hundreds of Triotech operators worldwide!

great features

Winner of a prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring Award
for Best New Product! Join the INTERACTIVE
revolution with hundreds of Triotech operators worldwide!



What operators have to say

  • "Over 165,000 people paid to experience our 20 seat XD Dark Ride in our first full year of operation!”

    John AlterGeneral Manager - 7D Experience
  • “Fans of the attraction have started their own Facebook page! Word of mouth has been bringing people over to try the ride!”

    H.R. OlesenDirector/CEO Tivoli-Friheden A/S

Why an XD Dark Ride

Rich multi-sensory adventures with cutting edge graphics and visual FX ensuring top User Experience. Real-time 3D graphics and individual scoring system create a unique adventure and generates repeated revenues.

Flexible and Customizable

Customizable according to your needs, anticipated customer traffic, and  space allocation, our systems offer an optimized efficiency thanks to high throughput. From 4 to 0ver 40 seats, the theaters come with a self sustaining structure or can be fitted to an existing installation. Here are some examples of layouts:

why triotech

Real-time 3D engine platform

  • Real-time multiplayer gameplay experience (not pre-rendered)
  • System reacts to events in Real-Time
  • Stereoscopic Circular Polarized Images

Proprietary precision targeting system

  • Highly responsive instant positioning on screen  <20ms
  • Accurate tracking precision, within 2 pixels on-screen

Scalable system

  • Zero performance loss even with dozens of players

Seamless Project Integration

  • As Triotech designs and develops hardware, software, and content for its rides and attractions, we have total control over quality and delivery which translates in peace of mind for our customers.

Custom media content development by Triotech Studio

  • Dozens of 3D artists, animation specialists, gameplay veterans, film directors, and all around creative specialists work in our own studio to develop original content, to adapt branded content, or to develop exclusive content for operators.


Best New Product. IAAPA Brass Ring Award 2013.

The ideal partner to create your
next main attraction is Triotech!

We deliver an integrated solution as we design, develop, and manufacture
our own software, hardware, and content.


Anchored by Triotech’s game engine and proprietary targeting technology. Case in point: our infrared sensor-based guns react within 20 microseconds and within 2 pixels, which is widely recognized as the best in the industry form.


Triotech develops original content or creates compelling scenarios integrating existing intellectual properties and brands. Our very own studio is here in Montreal, Canada. A city which is globally recognized as a leading competency center of the gaming, video, special effects, cinema, and events industries with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, Ubisoft, EA, Warner Bros., all having production studios in the city.


Build a mainstay attraction for a manageable investment. Media based rides provide a strong return on investment. Furthermore keep guests coming with new content available regularly from Triotech.

Created in our Studio, Driven by our Technology

Triotech studio will create exclusive content for your attraction or adapt existing content to fit your needs.

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