Why work with us?

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Reason # 6

We make 3D Animated movies and like huge black boards!

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Reason # 24

We are growing so you can bring your friends too!

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Be part of a growing success

Build the future of interactive digital entertainment!

Open Work Space

Inductive to collaboration and great team work. You want to hear the funny story, here it is… you don’t, pop those Beats and tune in your favourite music.

See the World in 7D!

We have creative artists, 3D animators, software engineers, marketers, mechanical engineers, and even sales people all into one giant cool work place in Montreal. It is very dynamic. Meanwhile our factory in Joliette is home to production, purchasing, admin, service and support teams. It’s a fun place outside the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The Perks

Foosball, PS3, Wii, (N)espresso, Breakfast Fridays, Scotch/beer tastings, Nerf weapons battle and Ping Pong…
We do events and parties and then we give you a rebate for that gym membership so you don’t feel too guilty about those brownies from last Friday.

Creativity + Fun = Serious Success

We believe in having fun at work. Heck, we believe that work should be fun. We are growing like crazy which means put on your dancing shoes, we are pushing the envelope

Close to Everything

Our new Montreal office is a 2 minute walk from metro Parc. We expanded from 8,000 square feet to 25,000 square fit.

We are near at Jean talon West and Parc Avenue. Set in MileEX on the north side of Mile End, one of the most artsy neighbourhoods in Montreal. It is a hub of creative activities such as multi-media studios, event design, bands, mocap studios, you name it.

And let’s not talk about the food: Mil-ex, Harricana, Manitoba, Marche Jean-Talon, are just a few of our neighbours.

Friendly Environment

Relaxed yet professional. This means you get Saturdays and Sundays off! Flexible hours are allowed.

Teammates needed

Looking for a dynamic work environment?

Come play with us! We value competence, performance, personal accountability and quality customer service. We are always seeking creative and skilled individuals to join Triotech.

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